About Me

My journey with painting started years ago as a hobby where I could express myself freely. However, Ann Rabinowitz Art truly came to be in 2021.

As a qualified professional in the medical field I was working at a hospital during the first wave of Covid-19. I found myself caught up in the midst of the chaos caused by this Pandemic.  I experienced the suffering and the trauma and the sadness of people who lost loved ones.  Dealing with death left me feeling so overwhelmed and overcome with the emotional pain that I needed an outlet, a space to express myself. Before then, I was only painting on the very odd occasion, but at that point I needed something to help me deal with my inner anguish. My painting became that avenue.

Painting has always been therapeutic and has always allowed me to unwind. I spent a lot of time in front of the canvass, using the paint and colours and texture to escape the pain of what I was going through every day at work.  Soon after I picked up the paintbrush again, this hobby developed into a passion. I began experimenting with bright colours to tap into my inner joy and to get me through some very dark hours. I soon realised that these paintings could ignite happiness in others too, and I found myself painting more and more, trying different styles, different themes.  Before long, I had so many works in my studio and Ann Rabinowitz Art was established.

My vision as an artist is to uplift and inspire others, make them smile, and encourage them to see some beauty and to look for the brighter things in life. My art style is best described as Abstract Expressionism and Pure Abstract.  I use acrylics on canvas because of the freedom it allows and the intensity and brightness the colours deliver.

Based in Sunset Beach, Cape Town, I draw inspiration from the beauty of nature and the world around me. I have never attended an art class.  My desire to express my emotions and the beauty of the world around me is what inspires each stoke of the brush.

The quote by Mark Rothko, “I approach my art instinctively without the guidelines of overbearing instruction”, perfectly communicates my own approach towards art.

Since establishing Ann Rabinowitz Art, I have exhibited at “House Of_ First Thursdays” as well as the Art SA Exhibition in Table Bay Mall. This journey has allowed me to find serenity and joy both in art and in my inner self.   Going forward, I wish to give fellow abstract art lovers the same experience when they look at the pieces I have created.

“Painting is not about an experience. It is an experience” – Mark Rothko

Ann Rabinowitz standing next to her art